Backup linux & raspbian important files on dropbox, automatically

I just create a repository on GitHub:

It’s about a little tool I wrote, that I needed to have small, fresh backups made regularly of my raspberry pi’s operating system, that I could safely upload to the cloud (hence, encrypted).

I already use to make regular backups of my systems, but that creates 4GB .img files (even if sparse) that I cannot easily move around, and include all the contents of the sytem, even those files that can be restored with a new installation.

Instead, I needed to systematically backup my home folder, crontabs, apache files, mysql databases (maybe you have something else in mind), zip everything, and put it on dropbox.

This is the reason I wrote, which I think someone else could find useful.

2 thoughts on “Backup linux & raspbian important files on dropbox, automatically”

  1. This looks excellent: Thanks!

    I think I have it set to go except for the


    What goes there, please?

    1. Never upload sensitive backups on the cloud in clear. In that line you set up the password that gpg uses to encrypt the backup before uploading. When you download your backup off the cloud to restore it, first decrypt and then unzip

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