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Samba share connection doesn’t accept user:password login from Windows

This is mainly a self-reference for when I find myself reinstalling Samba on my home server, if something goes wrong and the previous system got corrupt, or if I am upgrading something. It happens, ALWAYS, that I setup a share with a login, which is the same of the user on the server the share […]

Change the user Transmission Debian daemon runs under and avoid warning message

I am writing this post also for personal reference (and currently I am writing in bare HTML since my WordPress installation lacks an updated multilanguage plugin to be able to use the WYSIWYG editor). I was moving my home server from a slow Raspberry PI to a way faster Cubieboard 2, and got to reinstall […]

Cyclic sound MP3 audio recording in ubuntu

I work in a relatively safe environment, yet it may very well happen that I need to prove something that someone said in my office, so I can hold it against them when the time comes. My laptop is always turned on, so I could use it to record the environmental sounds around it, with […]

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How to drag and drop files between windows in Ubuntu Unity launcher bar

So I like Unity, it looks nifty and the Zeitgeist launcher is so productive. One huge gripe about unity though, is that you cannot, apparently, drag&drop files between applications open in the Unity launcher bar, namely: a file from nautilus into thunderbird as a mail attachment an image from nautilus into a photo-editing program the […]

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Ubuntu won’t start Gnome GDM after upgrade to Oneiric Ocelot

So I was upgrading my home server first from Maverick Meerkat to Natty Narwhal, and then from Natty to Oneric Ocelot. It is not a plain desktop installation, as back in the time I installed Ubuntu Server and then built upon it adding Gnome without the useless stuff that comes with the ubuntu-desktop package. Anyway, […]

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Backup installed packages list in Ubuntu and restore via Synaptic

To backup your Ubuntu install you don’t just need to keep a copy of the /home folder (or partition), since you would still need to re-fetch all the packages you installed, and that can be time consuming, especially if you carefully chose the applications to add to the system. Synaptic already offers a similar function, […]

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Zoneminder can’t chmod /dev/videoN, operation not permitted, and not starting at boot

Zoneminder has reached its current peak with version 1.24.2 since quite some time, so you can finally get it off the official repositories of Ubuntu, instead of finding then the older 1.23 as it was at the time of Jaunty, when you had to compile off the source. Running configure and make install comes with […]

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Extract string between two tokens inside a text in bash shell scripting

The other day, as a total newbye, I was writing a script in bash to process an HTML page, look for a URL inside it, and then download the content at that URL, recursively for a series of pages; I had it already done in AutoHotKey language, but since I don’t keep my Windows workstation […]

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WinKey+Ubuntu, cool! Windows Key keyboard shortcuts in Maverick Meerkat

Maybe I’m posting about nothing new, and if that’s the case, I beg your pardon. Not. ’tis my website and I can write whatever I like. Anyway I just completed the update of Ubuntu to Maverick Meerkat on my laptop, and well, I was trying to get to the desktop with the good old Ctrl-Ald-D […]

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Starcraft under Wine freezes, hangs and crashes at random interval

After having played Starcraft II on my Windows 7 desktop, yesterday I was trying to get the first Starcraft to work on my laptop under Ubuntu Lucid with Wine; the wine-hq website reported the game as perfectly working, and in fact I only needed to install a patch to let the game start without the […]

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