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MyPhoneExplorer via Bluetooth: phone could not be indentified and parameter incorrect

Chances are that you are trying to have your Android phone sync with Outlook via MyPhoneExplorer, but whatever you do won’t work, since as soon as you try to connect, the procedure stops at “identification” and MyPhoneExplorer pops up a “phone could not be identified” error. Syncing via USB cables works though, but you are […]

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Why Android sucks at managing battery drain and discharge

So here is my second rant about disliking Android. I should mention now that I am a happy user of this OS on my HD2 since a while ago, after discovering that CalenGoo is a great substitute for Microsoft’s Pocket Outlook calendar, and that HanDBase in its Android version can be tricked into doing the […]

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Why Android sucks for professional use

UPDATE at the end of this post. I tried many, many times to switch from Windows Mobile to Android, and every and each time I went back to Windows Mobile. Honestly, I would like to upgrade, because my HD2 won’t be enough forever, and no new phone gets shipped with a shiny Windows Mobile 6.5 […]

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Power efficiency of ATX PSU, power adapters and UPS

This article goes hand in hand with my previous one, since the findings I report in here are those that led me to update the power source of my server. When you buy a PC, usually the PSU is the last of the worries: the more Watts it’s got, the better, as it can handle […]

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Virtualbox bridged network adapter driver slows down LAN speed

When I upgraded from WiFi to a physical CAT5E cable running between my router in the other room and this desktop, I jumped from 2-3MB/s tops (1MB/s usually, sometimes less) to 11-12MB/s speeds during file transfers from my home server. Lately I was checking that the speed to download some fansubs off the server got […]

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reCAPTCHA fails to deliver, bypassed or cracked, spam still comes through

I like(d)  the idea behind reCAPTCHA, blocking spam while helping scanning books is cool, and let’s be honest, reCAPCHA images are more readable to the human eye than the random deformed alphanumeric combinations the usual antispam codes produce. Anyway, even if I have Akismet plugin installed, being the comments captcha’ed I expected almost no spam […]

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Li-Ion battery calibration, funny myth? Personal thoughts

I regularly lurk over at XDA since I started -happily- using my HTC HD2 Leo (actually, I just brought it to a collection center for warranty servicing… dead touchscreen, sigh). Since then, I began reading about “funny” practices regarding lithium ion battery usage to prolong their life. Even before that, when I still used older […]

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