I moved from the previous PHP layout to WordPress for one main reason: my willingness to keep working on this website.
Were I intentioned to abandon Ephetsione’s HQ I could have as well left it as it was; yet I was disappointed in noticing how the visitors had gone below the 200 units per day, from the glorious past of more than double that amount, and the constant interest in adding other content to the website clashed heavily with the fact that every new thing I had to insert, I had to go through a boring process of manually adding links to the menu, translating everything inside the HTML markup, and generally doing so many things that the will of adding content was very soon lost.

Now, with a solid and open source platform like wordpress, I can just concentrate on the contents, and forget the time consuming process of working “behind the scenes”, so even if it took more than a couple of days to migrate everything, I now have a deploy space where I can put hands whenever I want.

Credits go obviously to the WordPress team, and to the authors of the plugins that I use, especially qTranslate which solved the “double language” dilemma.

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