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After the website was moved to the new domain and converted to PHP, a lot of utilities linked here have been massively updated, disappeared, or become obsolete/useless. I removed the obsolete/useless ones, and added “google” near the ones which are not hosted in here but you should google for, while the downloads you can find in here are pretty rare, bust still useful ones


I am dying to find the artists and titles of these two songs (especially #1), recorded from FM radio years ago, the clips togheter are less than 300kb worth, please listen to them and tell me via the comments at the end of the page if you know them! Thanks!


VirtualDub (google)

The leading tool for video-editing in the “free” scene, here in the “official” version, that is without VBR MP3, ASF, freezes check support.

AVIDefreezer (google)

Fixes freezes in DivX movies, used in combination with VirtualDub, the HTML user’s guide is included in the archive.

DivFix (google)

Lets you watch unfinished downloads of DivX movies, also great to fix DivX’s which seem totally lost even using AVIDeFreezer.


Free program by Microsoft, used to synthetize voice in English and Spanish (!), with various, nice accents. Doesn’t save WAV files, but you can see how to do this anyway, in the HowTo’s section.

Quick MP3 Tag Maker

Adds ID3v1 tags to all of my MP3’s… it is perfect especially for albums, since you can use jolly chars to define how the file name (which you can easily change with Magic Renamer, see in the Downloads/Tools section) must be “translated” into the ID3v1 tag.

MP3 Trim (google)

Especially useful when you need to increase the volume of an MP3 which sounds so flebile… move a slider, and it’s done.

The Matrix Screensaver

Makes your monitor look exactly like the computer screens in The Matrix!

CDex (google)

Audiograbber was lately made into a free limited version, anyway CDex, which I discovered recently, is a completely free tool which misses nothing compared to the full commercial version of the former: CDA to WAV, CDA to MP3, WAV to MP3, MP3 to WAV, CDDB support, external codecs support. You won’t find only the animated buttons, but who cares. Just uncompress into a folder of your choice and run CDex.exe, the program’s ready. To update the LAME extension download the LAME codec and copy the lame_enc.dll file over the one provided with this program.

LAME encoder (google)

THE MP3 codec, and it’s free. Bitrates from 32 to 320 kbps, 3 methods of VBR (the only way to the intelligent encoding) . Use the included lame_enc.dll file to overwrite the one you may have already provided with other programs that use this codec, thus updating the codec itself.

Nokia Ringtone Kit

This is the downloadable package to which refers the guide for writing Nokia Ringtones in the HowTo’s section.

SubAdjust (Subtitle Adjuster) (google)

The leading minitool to synchronize subtitles, mainly support the SubViewer format, but after you adjust the text file in that format you can convert it in all the other ones.

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  1. [commenti dal vecchio sito]
    [comments from old website]

    2010-04-25 12:31:26
    happy my little repository could be helpful with an important thing! πŸ˜‰ please consider tho that I’ve not used mstalkit for ages now, so don’t remember anything about it, but there is a guide on this site about that little program πŸ˜‰
    2010-04-25 11:43:09
    Hi i just downloaded the mstalkit for my son to try and help him he has aspergers so will see how it goes. It looks great so hopefully i can get it working properly. If i have any hassles i will ask questions for sure. You seem to be very helpful with everything.
    2009-04-08 09:00:03
    You have to disable the plugin or the browser function that blocks the sending of the referrer, that’s another way your downloads can get blocked… and by the way I think that’s explained in the direct linking page.
    2009-04-08 01:49:37
    Hey the link to the Quick MP3 Tag Maker isn’t working. It takes me to the No Hot Linking page.
    2009-03-14 19:00:55
    Thanks for telling me about the problem, I fixed the file on this page and now it works
    2009-03-13 07:04:52
    hello dude, i am charan from hyderabad. Pls send me the nokia ringtone kit. the file which u uploaded here is not active. thanx in advance

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