Free music files, MIDI soundtracks and MP3 sound effects for download

Disclaimer: ALL the files here contained are legally distributable over the Internet. In fact, I have downloaded them myself from websites where they are (legally) distributed; they are NOT covered by any rights of profit. This means you CAN’T buy them anywhere, that you can’t find the digital or analogic recording of these files in stores or in ANY discographic house, and that there is NO person, institution, system, which legally deals with them by any commercial means.


I am dying to find the artists and titles of these two songs (especially #1), recorded from FM radio years ago, the clips togheter are less than 300kb worth, please listen to them and tell me via the comments at the end of the page if you know them! Thanks!


Chrono Trigger MIDI Soundtrack

This is the full MIDI soundtrack of the BEST IMHO RPG game for SNES, as distributed by Squaresoft Inc., and freely downloadable, since not protected by any right of exploitation. I made it only available in ZIP compressed format, with all the .MID files included. Goes without saying that the samples are BEST listened with a wavetable soundcard, such as all the SoundBlaster ones since the AWE32 model, and any other decent one.

King’s Quest Series MIDI Soundtrack

Another famous game title, and another MIDI soundtrack. As above, this is not covered by any rights of exploitation. Available in ZIP compressed format.

Monkey Island Series MIDI Soundtracks

No introduction needed. These files should be on the Hard Disks of every fan, which means, of everyone. For legal buggers: everything goes as explained for the above downloads. BTW, MI4 Soundtrack is not provided here, because I don’t like it.

Final Fantasy Series MIDI Soundtracks

Only the FF5 and FF6 MIDI OSTs. Legal babble, read above.

Sound FX

Very few for now, but better few than nothing.

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  1. [commenti dal vecchio sito]
    [comments from old website]

    2009-09-10 21:36:08
    ACQUA! Purtroppo non sono loro, ma grazie per aver tentato đŸ˜€ RimarrĂ² col dubbio mi sa, diamine.
    Neppure il DJ di una radio locale interpellato a suo tempo per posta elettronica seppe azzeccarle.
    2009-09-10 15:11:20
    il primo clip dovrebbe essere “Peter Brown f/ Betty Wright – Dance With Me” e il secondo “love machine (the miracles)”. Grazie per la tua pagina: è stata utilissima!
    2009-05-20 00:11:12
    La pagina mi è piaciuta!!
    Mi sei stato molto ultile, grazie per i MIDI!!

  2. [commenti dal vecchio sito]
    [comments from old website]

    2009-04-08 08:58:49
    Disable referrer blocking đŸ˜‰
    2009-04-08 01:51:46
    None of the links work, just brings me to the hotlinking page. I’m clicking the links as normal, so not sure why it’s doing this.

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