2 commenti su “(English) Fix mount: unknown filesystem type ‘isw_raid_member’”

  1. Or, I DO have a RAID and WANT TO have a RAID.
    It’s just that *nix is waaay too stupid to mount it.
    Also, nobody seems to know how to make *nix to recognise the RAID. Or the useful answers are systematically deleted from every forum.

    1. Welp, that may be the case indeed, all the answers I found though were for people (like me) who HAD a RAID, removed it and linux was bamboozled trying to mount something that didn’t exist because the orphaned tags on the MBR told it otherwise… in your case it should be seeing a raid and mount it… the real problem in my opinion is anyway systems where RAID is just a software layer with no real hardware controller, that’s why probably different OS interoperability fails.

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