7 commenti su “(English) MyPhoneExplorer via Bluetooth: phone could not be indentified and parameter incorrect”

    1. Happy to know about it… it still happens to me from time to time on my Note I, without any apparent reason. Now it’s just a big hassle of wasting time rebooting.

  1. Not really “black magic”. Easier if you just go to control panel > hardware and sound > devices and printers > bluetooth devices

    Then right click on the device you’ve already paired. Go to Services tab, and under Bluetooth Services there should be a checkbox for Serial port(SPP) ‘MyPhoneExplorer’.

    Check it, apply, done…

    1. Since this article was written, MPE has gotten a nice functionality where you can pair/associate the phone directly from MPE itself, yet I wouldn’t be able to provide further support I’m afraid!

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