PHP script to batch download from Wallpaperscraft website

I found myself interesting in renewing my wallpapers gallery, and Wallpaperscraft website is really full of themed collections, like, it’s huge!

But then, who’s going to just download every picture by hand, right? Well I know PHP, so one morning when I had the time I jotted down some lines of code.

This script is working at the time of writing, but any change occurring in the source code or in the url structure may break it (not that it would be so hard to fix it anyway).

This is clear to anyone who can run a PHP script, just change the configurable values at the top, the folder name “Wallpapers” in the code, and it’s good to go.



while ($goon) {
	echo "\nscarico da $webbase$i\n\n";
	if (strpos($html,"<html>")===false) {
		if (strpos($html,"<html>")===false) {
			echo "pagina $i sballata, riscarico...\n";
	preg_match_all("/<a class=\"wallpapers__link\" href=\"([\/a-z0-9\_]+)\">/",$html,$matches);
	if ($matches[1][0]) {
		foreach ($matches[1] as $image) {
			if (!file_exists("Wallpapers/$image.jpg")) {
				$handle=@fopen($imgbase.$image.$res.".jpg", 'rb');
				if ($handle) {
					echo "$i:$c $image ...\n";
	else {

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