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This page contained an on-the-fly gallery generated by Lazyest Gallery plugin, which showed in a nice layout the images that are stored on the server under a certain folder structure.

Lazyest gallery doesn’t work properly anymore, launching an array merge error on wordpress that propagates horribly to the whole backend, even preventing login, and while Eazyest Gallery doesn’t show the error, it, well, doesn’t even show the images!

So, since I think noone is actually interested in the images, and I don’t want to spend time by creating, by hand, galleries and albums with ther other available plugins, unless you can suggest me another plugin that does was Lazyest and Eazyest did (just taking up an existing directory structure and convert it to a nested gallery format) then here is a link (more for search engine friendliness) to said folder structure containing images:

Ephestione’s HQ image galleries

3 thoughts on “Picture Galleries”

  1. [commenti dal vecchio sito]
    [comments from old website]

    2009-05-22 17:44:44
    so, hire we kan seen de dunkle seite op our lieve – en we kan not entkomme. rächt goode belders – danke for de siicht in de helle.

  2. [commenti dal vecchio sito]
    [comments from old website]

    2008-11-08 20:17:09
    Thanks for appreciating the collection, credits goes to the artists!
    2008-11-08 20:10:44
    its great work , i like it

  3. [commenti dal vecchio sito]
    [comments from old website]

    2008-11-07 07:40:50
    Those artists do know what they do 🙂
    I MAY add something in the future.
    2008-11-07 06:31:16
    Love the pics grafs thay are sweet….:)

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