SQ8 mini camera DVR, enable loop recording

Connect the SQ8 camera to a USB charger. It cannot be a PC, otherwise it will work as an external drive and show you the contents of the SD, it just needs to receive power.
As soon as you connect the camera you will notice the rear led turning on and cycling through different colors, after which it will turn off: at that moment, the recording will have started.
I still haven’t tested the cyclic recording functionality, but this is supposed to record max 5 minutes chunks of video until the memory runs out, after which it deletes the oldest recordings.

BTW, the correct orientation of the camera is so that the flat side opposite to the buttons side is down, position it elsewhere will give you a rotated video.

On a side note, this camera has a really bad space usage; I put a 32gb card in it, and the file size of the 5 minutes video chunks is 400MB! There is virtually no compression on the video, and the maximum recording time before the oldest files are deleted is less than 6 hours.
90mbs per minute is a really bad stat, in comparison a naruto episode should be 2.4GB if it had the same time/size ratio, it is instead one tenth of that…

3 thoughts on “SQ8 mini camera DVR, enable loop recording”

  1. Thank you very much for the information, helps a lot.

    I also have a question regarding charging the battery, while it is charging my camera blinks rapidly the red light and does not stop , last evening I left it charging all night and in the AM it was still blinking. would you know why? seems the camera is charged and works. it is the blinking reds light that has me concerned.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey there, thank you for the feedback 🙂 I have since long sold this camera, as the recording time was too small, and alas I cannot remember what it did when it was under charge.
      Later on, I tried an SQ11 as well, hoping it would give more recording efficiency, but it had the same exact problem. Funny enough, I don’t remember as well what it did during the charge 🙁 Sold that one as well.

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