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Convert a micro-SIM into a normal SIM card, just a knife without adapter

Sometimes you’re stuck with a brand new microSIM that you can’t use in your phone, because you need a normal form factor SIM, but maybe you had this chance to activate a special promotion that only came in microsim format.

Well do not despair, you can get a normal SIM (-ish) from a microSIM, just DON’T remove the microsim from its matrix just yet!

microsim converted inside it's credit card holder
This is what we are going to get at the end
width comparison between SIM and microSIM
Our micro-SIM in its credit-card like holder, compared to a standard SIM card
marking width on microsim holder
After aligning the correct contacts of SIM and micro-SIM, I used insulating tape to mark the side borders of the new SIM card
marking the outer borders of the SIM on the microsim holder
I did the same thing with upper and lower borders, aligning the microSIM and SIM through their chips
almost finished microsim sim conversion
This is the rough result after cropping the external borders with an exacto knife guided by a ruler, slightly bigger but centered nonetheless
microsim converted to SIM, adapted and rounded with dremel
After cutting the angle, I used a dremel to round the corners

The SIM card works perfectly inside my Galaxy Note, just slightly harder to plug inside but once inserted it goes as a charm.