Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vs Teclast H30, first impressions

I had been using the Mi Band 2 foralmost a month, but ordered the Teclast H30 because I liked the SMS text function, and also the general look of it.

What I like of the Mi Band 2 is the fact that I have a watch on my wrist once again (I have been wristwatch-less for about 10 years!), it warns me of incoming calls (when I am working among loud noises or walking to work among traffic, I might not hear my phone or feel it vibrating inside my pocket) and the sleep tracking function.

Heartrate measurement is a disappointment, but not because of Mi Band 2 in itself, more that as a technology you need to stay really in one place and not moving, otherwise it WILL miss hearbeats and give you a really low frequency. Also you do not get continous heartrate measures with the Mi Band 2.

Distance and calories are so useless since they are calculated based on steps count, and amount to a really insignificant number.

When I got the Teclast H30 I put them together on the same wrist. Pairing the band with my phone was a blast (with the Mi Band 2 it took WAY too much fiddling with my phone’s bluetooth).

Surprise, Teclast H30 supports continuous heart rate measurement via a setting on the Android app, but the value was inaccurate if compared to Mi Band 2 (I was fast walking back home, Mi Band 2 gave me a realistic 139bpm, while the H30 was stuck at max 93, but it might as well have been a defect in positioning it on my wrist).

Also Teclast H30 over Mi Band 2 has the find my phone function, where you would jump to said function and your phone would ring.

Also Teclast H30 often was faster than Mi Band 2 in showing the time after raising my wrist.

TSports app doesn’t require online registration as MiFit does.

The advantages though end right about at this point.

I could greenify MiFit app, but TSports is hard to be put in hibernation as it installs as a resident app by default and eats away at the phone battery even if it is in the watchlist of Greenify.

You cannot choose which elements to display on Teclast H30 like you can with the Mi Band 2, you always have to scroll through the Time/Date/Sleep hours/Steps/Distance/Calories/Battery/Find Phone, and it gets annoying really fast! Also on the Mi Band 2 you can display, with the latest firmware, time and date together, while on Teclast H30 they are on different screens.

Finally, the alarms: on MiFit you can set alarms depending on the weekday or just once, while on TSports you can only set an alarm to ring every day for the rest of existence.

I cannot report about sleep tracking nor battery duration as after a half-a-day experience I gave this band to my S.O.

I can testify anyway on the SMS text display to be working, as I got one during that time. It doesn’t display the author name even if it is in your phonebook though, just the originating phone number.

That’s all folks!

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