Assorted freeware tools and utilities download

After the website was moved to the new domain and converted to PHP, a lot of utilities linked here have been massively updated, disappeared, or become obsolete/useless. I removed the obsolete/useless ones, and added “google” near the ones which are not hosted in here but you should google for, while the downloads you can find in here are pretty rare, bust still useful ones

Ghostscript & Ghostview (google)

Great couple of tools to create a PDF file (you know… the ones you read with Adobe Acrobat Reader…) from every kind of document you can print. Follow instructions in HowTo’s section on how to do this.

Registry Detective (google)

Small and effective tool from ZDLabs to search the Windows’ registry for a key and display all of the occurencies in one panel, instead of pressing F3 till the last one. Then you can open Regedit on the key you want to edit, simply pressing a button in Registry Detective.

Hex Editor XVI32 (google)

Not for many, but someone may find useful this utility. I myself have it installed, and never used it, but you never know.

Magic Renamer 3.00

GREAT free tool (actually requires a reg code for “full registration”, not needed tho; you’d get the opportunity to download the latest version, which supports batch conversions and other things); I use it to rename MP3 files, just a few settings, and the game’s done.

QuickSFV (google)

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) tool, lets you create a check file (extension .SFV, “Simple File Verification”) for a series of files, so another user can check if these files are integer or corrupt after he downloads them (actually it is more useful when YOU need to check the integrity of a download, if the downloaded file is provided with its CRC table — that is a .SFV file).

RegCleaner (google)

Run it from time to time when you need to remove from the Windows’ Registry those useless lines, which a crap uninstaller or a even crapper installer left there. I runned it right now, 445 invalid entries . (You may check with a search on if there is a version newer than the 4.2 one provided here)

ScreenRip32 (google)

You may need to get a screenshot of a Windows program, of a funny error message, or anyway of a document view, to publish it, or to archive it exactly as you saw it; ScreenRip32 is the program for you: gets either a shot of the whole screen, of a single window, of a sigle field (like, the text field of Word or the OK button of a dialog box), or even of an area whose borderyou drag with the mouse (I used this utility to take all the screenshots you see in the HowTo’s/IRC pages). Then you can save in BMP, GIF, JPEG or even as an icon (.ICO)!


Simplicity made application: does what it needs to do, and perfectly; it splits a file in several pieces, either of the size you need, or of the percentage of the whole size you want; it can create all the segments, or, for example, only the 4th segment of 1,635,246 bytes from a 10MB file. It can make as well a batch file to rebuilt the whole data in one command. And it’s really small, too.

ResHack (google)

Low-level tool to modify the resources in 32bit-standard files (that is, you can export Icons, Bitmaps, Text, Cursors, or change them as you want). Advanced users only.

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