Center caption images not centered inside WordPress posts

Just got tired of how the images inside my posts didn’t get centered, but instead were aligned to the left, even if I had set them to be centered, and they were rendered to inside the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

I use the Arclite theme, which lets you add personalized CSS styles inside the settings, but I guess you can use other methods to do the same with your them, or add them manually if it comes to that

What I added to the CSS was:

.aligncenter {margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;}

which is apparently working, as I just did it, and the images are centered now in firefox. Didn’t bother to test IE.

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2 thoughts on “Center caption images not centered inside WordPress posts”

    1. In effetti son stato inutilmente ridondante nella definizione dello stile.
      Nel mio caso le immagini inserite erano tutte figlie della classe wp-caption, evidentemente o non è più così nelle nuove versioni di wordpress, oppure non è così nella tua installazione.
      Rimuovere quel parent comunque non fa male, per cui aggiorno la guida 🙂

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