Fix mount: unknown filesystem type ‘isw_raid_member’

You may also get ‘linux_raid_member‘ instead of ‘isw_raid_member‘, usually it’s the same.

So you probably have run through other tutorials telling you not to mount directly but to mount the raid instead…. but you have no raid!

Maybe though, you HAD a raid back in time, and you removed it leaving the disks as separate storage, and in that case there would be “rogue” raid metadata on the disk that makes linux (mint in my case) think it is a raid, and get confused.

Thanks to Chris_F I finally solved it, you need to use dmraid (install it if it’s not on the system, via apt-get) to remove those orphan tags:

sudo dmraid -rE /dev/sdb

In my case, this instantly showed the disk in file manager.

2 thoughts on “Fix mount: unknown filesystem type ‘isw_raid_member’”

  1. Or, I DO have a RAID and WANT TO have a RAID.
    It’s just that *nix is waaay too stupid to mount it.
    Also, nobody seems to know how to make *nix to recognise the RAID. Or the useful answers are systematically deleted from every forum.

    1. Welp, that may be the case indeed, all the answers I found though were for people (like me) who HAD a RAID, removed it and linux was bamboozled trying to mount something that didn’t exist because the orphaned tags on the MBR told it otherwise… in your case it should be seeing a raid and mount it… the real problem in my opinion is anyway systems where RAID is just a software layer with no real hardware controller, that’s why probably different OS interoperability fails.

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