mIRC script for custom quit messages

Maybe you didn’t know that by doing a simple /quit in mIRC, or pressing the Close Window button in the upper right corner of mIRC Windows, unless you had installed scripts like Polaris, or similar, the others were seeing a simple:

*** Quits: Yournick (your@mask..in.here) (Quit: )

That’s boring! I mean, if you installed Polaris, they’d be seeing this instead:

*** Quits: Yournick (your@mask.in.here) (Quit: (I was using Polaris IRC 2001) Version:(4.0 Platinum) Webpage:(http://www.polaris-central.com) Wasted:(1 Hour 38 Minutes and 36 Seconds Online))

or something alike.

Quite not original.

Now, suppose instead your quit message was something like:

*** Quits: Yournick (your@mask.in.here) (Quit: As soon as I get through with you, you'll have a clear case for divorce and so will my wife. - Groucho Marx)

Much better, at least in my opinion. If you now want to make your quit messages happy and colourful like that one, follow the instructions, and in a few steps you’ll do it .

So, first you need a text file with the lines you want to use in your Quit messages. Here you can find one. Make sure you save the text of the new window in a TXT file in your mIRC folder, or just do [Right Click/Save] on the link.

You can make a file yourself, but make sure you press Enter between the lines, and save that file in the installation folder of mIRC.

You’re ready for the tough work now.

Open the Aliases Panel (just press the button, or do [Tools > Aliases])

I discovered the GIF Uniform palette is the best for windows, thanks to this screenshot ;-)
This is how the quot alias in your Aliases Panel should look like


This is what youhave to copy/paste in the Panel (at the end of it):

/quot {
  //if (%Conta == $null) //set %Conta 0
  /inc %Conta 
  if (%Conta > $lines(Quotations.txt)) set %Conta 1
  //quit $read -l [ $+ [ %conta ] ] Quotations.txt

supposing you called the file Quotations.txt as I did, and put it in the same folder as mIRC, as I told you.

Now, all you have to do is to use a simple /quot instead of "/quit Message here" when quitting, and every time you’ll send a different Quit message .

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  1. [commenti dal vecchio sito]
    [comments from old website]

    2009-02-02 21:31:28
    Ahah, sei spiritosa Annamaria 😉 In realtà, forse sei capitata sulla pagina sbagliata. E’ come se volessi sapere come si fa il caffé, e capitassi su una guida per costruire una macinachicchi elettrica… se tutto quello che vuoi fare è inviare un messaggio all’uscita, da dentro il canale devi scrivere: /quit ciaociao a tutti (se vuoi che esca “ciao ciao a tutti”) quando vai via
    2009-02-02 21:20:34
    tu sei stato senz altro molto chiaro ma io sono proprio ”imbranata” e anche se volevo inserireun messagio quandoesco da mirc,non ti meravigliare
    ma ho provato e riprovato manco morta ci rTi invidio veramente, vorrei capire anch io ma ci rinuncio.grazie comunque ciao.

    1. this article is extremely, extremely old, so it is very possible that nothing about mIRC scripts works anymore. I can guaranteee that back then they worked like a treat.

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