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Clean middle drain hole in Rover 75 (ECU flooding in non-UK models)

Credit where it’s due: I started off with this thread, where the tutorial is for UK models (supposedly it’s easier to access the middle hole from there). My Rover is a non-UK model, with steering wheel on the left (I live in Italy after all), so I had to follow a little more steps to clean it, and I thought I would share.

Rover 75 ECU area
This is the area you have to access, as it looked once the road has been cleared.
rover 75 grid over plenum
As you open the hood, access the right plenum plastic grid, release the clips (red arrows) and remove the grill.
This may look complicated, but it's easy, really: remove the screw/clips circled in red, then pull away the gasket pointed by the blue arrow, then raise the plastic frame that housed the grid you removed just before, like the yellow arrow does, and finally slide out the plastic drain panel in the direction of the green arrow.
rover 75 pollen filter ecu box
Pointed in orange is the pollen filter, in green the plastic box containing the eletronic control unit, both are hovering on a 15cm deep pool of dirty rain water.
Rover 75 middle drain hole
I couldn't get a decent picture of the flooded chamber, so I just took one after I dislodged dirt from the rubber tube, you can still see plenty of leaves and pinetree seeds in there (there was a whole pile before), I later washed them away.
rover 74 ecu
The ECU box open; there are four clips at the four corners pointed at by the red arrows; do yourself a favour, and raise the whole closed box up outside of the chamber before opening them, or you'll be in for a whole lot of pain (I even broke a clip).
Drying ECU
Ran an extension cord to my car, plugged a hair drier, and dried the hell out of the ECU, you never know. Temp/RPM gauges and HRW/aircon are still dead though.
rubber drain
Captain Hook just convinced Mr. Stupidly Designed Rubber Drain to come out of his nest.
cut rubber drain
Surgically modified rubber drain on a stick, you are now ready, just put t back in (or, rather, think it over carefully, and don't, like me).

I would like to close this article extending my sincere thanks to the cheerful people at Rover who decided to place an electronic control unit inside a chamber where water flows in, and where a useless drain is placed to get it out.