Howto batch watermark resize convert crop images and pictures

  • Download IrfanView (if you already don’t have it installed, it is an awesome image viewer, and great for basic editing with its Paint plugin, installed by default)
  • After opening the main viewer window, go to File>Batch Conversion/Rename
  • What opens is a window crammed with options and tools, with which you can:
    1. Convert between different formats (Jpeg, Gif, PNG, BMP, TIFF, whatever)
    2. Rename with serial progressions
    3. Crop at given dimensions (this and the following are accessible pressing the Advanced button)
    4. Resize to given dimensions, or proportionally inside a maximum dimensions rectangle
    5. Change color depth
    6. Flip horizontally and/or vertically
    7. Rotate 90° to left or right
    8. Grayscale or negative color
    9. Add an overlay text with custom color, font, size, position, alignment, you name it (this is a fast and easy way to watermark your pictures)
    10. Add a proper watermark image overlay, pointing to an image file, choosing its position and transparency
    11. Change color scheme inverting the order of the RGB values
    12. Apply other filters: sharpen, brightness, contrast, gamma correction, saturation, color balance for R G and B, bur, median, and fine rotation (choose amount of degrees)
    13. You can choose whether overwriting or renaming destination files, move them to subfolders, and so on
    14. You can add multiple files to the batch job by picking them from different arbitrary folders or loading them from a list saved into a TXT file

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