How to record MSTalkit voices with Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder

So, you didn’t understand how to make it. Well, what am I here for then?

First step: install and run MS Talkit (download it from Downloads/AudioVideo).

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Hey you made it! MS Talkit is running!


Ok, now begin playing with it to acquire the method, then just reach the point, and do something like this:

Ph33r My V0c41izing 5ki11z!!
This is really nice, the same I use. For a get fail, try instead "DCC Failed!", Child personality, Breathly Vocal Effort. The child seems he is amost crying cause of the transfer error 😉


So, after you tried Talkit and had fun with it, start Sound Recorder (Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment), locate it over Talkit, so when you switch from one another their windows don’t cover each other, and press in rapid sequence the Rec button in Sound Recorder, followed by the "Talk It!" button in Talkit. When the phrase is finished hit the Stop button in Recorder. Now, even if you’ve been a lot fast, there will be silent delays at the beginning and at the end of the WAV, so move the slider till you find a wave with a big amplitude,

You were pressing the play button, admit it!
Here I pressed the Rec button about 0.9 secs late (hey it’s 11pm while I’m writing…), so had to remove a lot of silence. Always try to play from the current slider position to see if the wave belongs to the voice or to the noise before the voice starts.


then do [Edit > Delete before the current position] to remove the silence at the beginning. See when the Wave ends, and do [Edit > Delete after the current position], then do [File > Save] and go to mIRC’s folder (I suggest not going higher than 22KHz, 8bit, mono quality, it would be a waste of disk space; to achieve this, simply press the Change button in the Save dialog, and choose these settings).

Hewgh you did the same for allthe sounds you wanted to put in mIRC I hope (I mean Query, DCC Send, DCC Fail, DCC Complete, Notice, and so on), otherwise I just lost my time for a single 1.5 secs WAV file…

Now get back to the main mIRC Event Sounds page

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    2009-10-04 19:29:07
    I don’t even remember, but it’s very small anyway.
    2009-10-04 19:14:30
    how much space it occupies if i download mstalkit.
    2009-05-07 10:22:01
    2009-03-08 19:05:59
    You ca download it in the “download” section in the links on the left, under “audio/video”
    2009-03-08 10:36:48
    please send me talkit for download
    2009-02-15 15:48:52
    2009-02-15 14:24:36
    very good
    2009-01-31 14:00:04
    Oh really?? juicy! 😉
    2009-01-31 06:59:24
    Hey Ephestione, have you noticed the size of the TalkIt file? Exactly…666…kb. 😮


    Thanks for posting it! Nice program!
    2008-12-20 08:54:30
    Oh, right, and if you try again something funny in here, on anywhere else on this website, I WILL notify you to the abuse of your internet service provider (Easynet ltd, BSkyB Broadband).
    2008-12-20 02:39:06
    You’re boring.
    You’re not making any sense.
    You’re a cocky little bastard.
    You’re probably single, or, if not, at least sentimentally unsatisfied.
    Your english is poor, even if you act like that was your mother language, while, in my case, it is not.
    Lastly, you are banned; or, to say it like you would have, and please don’t correct me if I’m wrong, “yuor pwned n00b”.
    2008-12-19 19:32:36
    you cocky little bastard !!
    2008-12-19 19:31:56
    I qoute from your little txt above….”even if you have been alot fast” In proper english you should of put = even if you were really quick…. i bet your single !!
    2008-12-19 19:23:11
    “syhould” ill work on my english if you work on your typing X
    2008-12-16 20:21:35
    In that case you syhould work on your english language skills, both comprehension and explanation 🙂
    You gotta go in the downloads/audiovideo menu on the left of this page….
    2008-12-16 20:05:41
    you didnt understand my comment …. the question i have is … HOW AND WHERE DO YOU DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE FOR TALKIT ONTO YOUR PC ? you cant just type in downloads/audiovideo beause your search will find you nothing at all !!
    2008-12-15 23:08:10
    Sorry, but that’s no way to ask for help. Moreover, the program is self explanatory, and I don’t need to explain how to make it produce synthetized voice.
    2008-12-15 22:31:39
    what are going on about atall ? i want to make a voice sample using “talkit” and that info at the top is useless …. you try typing in what you have put and see where it gets you !!!!!!
    2008-10-22 16:16:00
    My pleasure, this is Ephestione.
    2008-10-22 16:01:19
    this is karthik

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