Time of last visit to a website page in Firefox history

Last time I put hands on my car, a Rover 75, in order to change by myself the in-tank fuel pump (maybe a tutorial will be coming about that), I already knew it was going to be a hard task. That’s why I made sure I had enough time, it was a sunny sunday morning and had plenty of light as well.

Last thing I did before going out in the yard was checking some tutorial page to rapidly review the job details, and first thing I did after the job was finally done and I checked the pump was working, was to call my girlfriend to give her the good news, even if I knew she wasn’t going to car much. What I hadn’t done, was checking the time before going out, and after getting back inside, and I was surely curious to know how much it had taken total.

Checking the call history on my phone was easy, so I knew the time I finished, but looking in Firefox History to see at what time I had last visited that tutorial webpage, it wasn’t as easy as I thought, since there was no right-click option whatsoever to obtain that info. I knew it had to be recorded somewhere, since Firefox has the capability of ordering its history based onorder of last visit, so a not-so-immediate search found this solution, whis is the following:

Go to History menu -> Show all history, then in that window you have to add the date column (right-click on the columns headers and check “Visit Date”), that will show the visited time.

If you’re curious, in the end I realized I had been a total of four hours at it.

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