Enable force feedback of Logitech Driving Force Wheel under windows

I got a Playstation 2 wheel controller for free off Freecycle sometime ago (thanks again Claudia), I read it was compatible with the PC, and in fact it sports a USB port, and Windows 7 recognizres it correctly; I wasn’t expecting full support for all the functions, but it did work as a game controller, even if the dead zone in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and the lack of any feedback, made me lose most of the interest in driving games. What’s sad, is that there is no entry on the Logitech website for this kind of wheel, but only for upgraded versions (Driving Force something); I just tried downloading the logitech profiler for Windows 7 64bit (there are profiler versions also for Windows XP and Vista) off the page of another wheel, the G27 (but apparently you’re going to get always the same exe file) and as soon as I launched the tool after installation, the force feedback led of the wheel lightened up, some “updated” drivers were installed under windows, and I could use the wheel at full potential under hot pursuit… another story entirely, and also the dead zone was gone for me!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I googled around for 10 minutes with no luck until I found this. It was the exact same situation I was in and it solved my problem.

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