WinKey+Ubuntu, cool! Windows Key keyboard shortcuts in Maverick Meerkat

Maybe I’m posting about nothing new, and if that’s the case, I beg your pardon. Not.

’tis my website and I can write whatever I like.

Anyway I just completed the update of Ubuntu to Maverick Meerkat on my laptop, and well, I was trying to get to the desktop with the good old Ctrl-Ald-D combo, but it didn’t work. Hammered those keys at least 5 times to make sure, but then my lateral thinking suggested me to do WinKey+D instead (the combo I tried the very first time I used Ubuntu), and that worked!

So I went into a Windows Key frenzy, and tried, like, every combo I could test.

Here are my findings:

WinKey+W, WinKey+A
Show all windows in a tiles fashion

As I said, goes to desktop

A very cool version of the Alt-Tab

but here are the cool ones:

Zooms in/out the whole screen, moving the mouse shifts  the view, and
Zooms in all the way

WinKey+M, WinKey+N
Negative colour! Useless for practical uses, anyway the N combo renders negative only the currently active window space, while M makes negative everything onscreen.


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