ephestione from alexander senki 1ephestione from alexander senki 2ephestione from alexander senki 3ephestione from alexander senki 4ephestione from alexander senki 5ephestione from alexander senki 6The nick Ephestione is basically the reason why this whole website exists, along with the domains I bought to defend it against clones.
Once upon a time, and I’m talking around 3-4 years ago, googling for ephestione (proper spelling) led to every information you could get about me on the internet, and nothing else; what I keep noticing now instead, is how other people are starting to take up this nick (and I mean the same exact spelling), I was surprised at how someone from Turkey (what the hell) had beaten me to the nick on youtube, and when I discovered on splinder another -bisexual- clone (and this leads to another issue I’ll talk about later on).

The ominously feared Y2K was coming near when I started experiencing the internet, and I had to choose a nick to get on the IRC network DALnet. At the time a “revolutionary” anime was airing on the italian MTV, Alexander Senki for the anime purists, or just Alexander for the italian market, and a character’s name stayed in my head for its cool “sound”… guess what character’s name it was; so, in the greek fashion of spelling the F sound as PH, I decided to become “Ephestione” (later on I discovered the proper greek transliteration is more like Hephaestion). And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

When the curiosity of knowing better the origin my own nick kicked in, I discovered how the “historical guy”, whom I only knew as the commander of the companion cavalry of the macedonian army, has been through the generations considered also to have homosexual, or at the least, bisexual, aptitudes; saying my personal opinion on the matter is out of my scopes, as I am no historian, nor I plan to be… suffice to say that all I have in common with him is the name, or rather not even the name, because in my case that would just be my nick; contrary to some people’s opinion, who over time have tried to impose on me their historical culture, I do not share what -some say- were his deviant sexual orientations; lets not forget that the man is not here anymore to ask him a confession, about which was it, if a sincere deep and pure friendship with Alexander, or proper love and infatuation… all we are left with are uncertain witnesses, and a lot of partial suppositions.