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Cyclic sound MP3 audio recording in ubuntu

I work in a relatively safe environment, yet it may very well happen that I need to prove something that someone said in my office, so I can hold it against them when the time comes. My laptop is always turned on, so I could use it to record the environmental sounds around it, with […]

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Free music files, MIDI soundtracks and MP3 sound effects for download

Disclaimer: ALL the files here contained are legally distributable over the Internet. In fact, I have downloaded them myself from websites where they are (legally) distributed; they are NOT covered by any rights of profit. This means you CAN’T buy them anywhere, that you can’t find the digital or analogic recording of these files in […]

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Download Audio Video utility ZIP files

After the website was moved to the new domain and converted to PHP, a lot of utilities linked here have been massively updated, disappeared, or become obsolete/useless. I removed the obsolete/useless ones, and added “google” near the ones which are not hosted in here but you should google for, while the downloads you can find […]

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