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After the website was moved to the new domain and converted to PHP, a lot of utilities linked here have been massively updated, disappeared, or become obsolete/useless. I removed the obsolete/useless ones, and added “google” near the ones which are not hosted in here but you should google for, while the downloads you can find in here are pretty rare, bust still useful ones

GuildFTP Daemon (GuildFTPd) (google)

Free FTP server, installs and configures easily, can interact with mIRC (great if you want to set a banner on an IRC channel to share songs, pictures, or everything else on your HD), has a nice graphic interface.

GuildFTP mIRC Script (google)

This mIRC script, younger brother of GuildFTPd, is an FTP server which runs in mIRC (!) through a script for this chat program. It is obviously usable only if you plan to run an FTP for an IRC channel, and should use less memory of the proper application, since is “embedded” in mIRC (obviously it’s not as user friendly as the main app).

NetPerSec (google)

ZDLabs utility to constantly monitor the download/upload speed. What is simply too cool about this one is that it shows itself in the system tray with a small graphic to see in real time the speed (too bad under Windows 2k it needs to be restarted if you disconnect/reconnect, because it behaves randomly…)

Zidrav (google)

You create a CRC table of the big file you downloaded, send it (via mail, IRC DCC, ICQ, whatever) to the guy who has the original file, who uses the same program and the CRC table you sent, to create a “patch”, which he later sends you (again, via FTP, DCC, or whatever), and which you use with the same program to fix your file which will be exactly the same of the original one.

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