lftp and source: Is a directory error

I was running lftp with the -f switch to launch the usual mirror command, working fine with a few ftp servers at first, but when I added another sync with a pure-ftpd server something stopped working as intended: the message

source: Is a directory

appeared and nothing more happened, only after I pressed Enter the script went on with the execution.

What helped me was this discussion.

so I changed my script, and instead of having

open host
user username password
mirror blahblah

I used

open -u username,password host
mirror blahblah

and everything was magically fine!

Why? NO IDEA. Who cares. Works now.

One thought on “lftp and source: Is a directory error”

  1. I got the same issue but apparently “-f” is for a file and “-c” is for commands.
    “-f” uses the first line as the script filename and somehow still reads the following lines as commnds.

    I replaced “-f” with “-c” and problem solved.

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